We all try to travel responsibly, and follow the old travellers’ motto “take only photos and leave only footprints”. Reusable shopping bags, paper recycling and refillable bottles are part of any environmentally-conscious consumer’s everyday life. But no one really wants to compromise on their health while travelling, and often choose to buy bottled water while on the road. There are places in the world where most people wouldn’t even dream of drinking the tap water.

This doesn’t stop Tyson Benton. Travelling from Mexico to Tierra Del Fuego at the very south of the American continent, he is aiming to travel the whole way using only one bottle: an Ecousable bottle with a filter which allows him to drink ordinary tap water through its nozzle and not get exposed to any nasty germs. The bottle was donated to him by the company when he told them about his plans.

In his own words: “The essence of my mission is to travel from Mexico to Tierra Del Fuego without buying any plastic bottled water. If all goes to plan I should be arriving at the most southern point on earth by April.”

Why just one bottle?

Disillusioned by a change of direction at his previous employment, Getty Images, he grabbed the chance to take voluntary redundancy and leave for a big adventure which brought him to Mexico. Once there, he got himself a small motorbike, which has been named Rhonda the Honda and is a trusted companion on his quest. So far he has been documenting his adventures on his blog, and has still only used one bottle. Many of the countries he has travelled through have very simple plumbing and the water would scare anyone away, but by using the clever filtering system in the bottle itself, you can drink the water from almost anywhere without the use of tablets or chemicals.

More from Tyson

“When I had the idea for this project sitting at my desk in London, I had no idea whether there were any products on the market that would allow me to see it to fruition. However, after a bit of research I found the Ecousable filter bottle. It seemed like the most simple solution, you simply fill the bottle up and drink from a nozzle that draws the water through a filter. It couldn´t be easier. Ecousable kindly provided me with a filter bottle free of charge when I told them about the project, but they are not supporting me in any other way. Saying that, I do think that their product is great and it should be used by more travellers (and people back home), as it would save so much waste. I think that the filter bottle should be as commonplace as the headtorch or the penknife, it certainly is equally as useful.”

Now what?

“I would love to do a similar trip by motorbike, using just one bottle around Central Asia, India, Mongolia and China. However funds are getting very limited and unless I magically find a sponsor those plans will have to wait. So for the time being when I return to the UK I´ll be concentrating on building on my photography career and trying to save for the next big adventure.”

The “Just One Bottle” blog is filled with stunning examples of his work, awesome for anyone looking for insight into the tourist part of the continent as well as contact with the locals.

Photo courtesy of Tyson Benton

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