Discover it, use it, enjoy it, dump it, beat it. All you travelers out there, you know what I’m talking about. Romance on the road — where desire is mandatory and feelings are temporary. Let us not be critical with one another, for surely every solo wanderer on this planet has thought about it and dreamed about it, and a lot of people have succumbed to this temptation more than once. Maybe looking for love on the road is one of the reasons to travel in the first place, be it to get over a broken relationship or to make the most of your youth. Welcome to the world of disposable love.

Why do we do it?

It might be induced out of sheer loneliness or fueled by a night of alcoholic shenanigans. Our real lives seem so far, far away and we think ‘why not, we only live once?’ and take the plunge. Every human being has to embrace their needs, and never are we more thirsty for intimacy while we are alone in a distant land. There is no use denying it or repressing it. Why reject our primal requirements? It is just as essential as beer. It is about having a good time, safely and responsibly, as long as both parties are on the same platform. Nothing can be worse then giving someone the wrong idea, or worse, empty promises.

So, with that in mind, I’m sure we will all agree that holiday flings have all the benefits of a relationship — the deep conversations, the amazing sex, the good company, without any of the usual commitments or expectations. Feelings, bah, who needs them? They cause unnecessary burdens and stress. Like a certain movie quotes, ‘Make me feel good, NOW!’ and get on with it. I know, we single travelers are a selfish bunch indeed.


What if it’s true love?

With any casual encounter, there’s the possibility of it turning into something more, or so you think. Anyone with an ounce of romance in their bodies believes in the ‘Before Sunrise’ dream, the idea of meeting the love of your life on the road. You meet someone in an exotic location and share a deep connection. You experience the same sensations. You are both deliriously happy discovering new things about each other. Surely this is fate?

What if it’s not?

Be cynical. It is better to believe in the idea of a transient affair than to expect it to turn out to be a fairy-tale romance. The last thing anyone wants to do is to continue traveling with a sad mind and a heavy heart. That truly is no fun at all for anyone involved, when there’s still so much to do and see. There are still tons of people to meet and before you know it, someone else will come along.

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Happily ever after?

However, if it does work out, then evidently the select few have discovered something the rest of the world can only fantasize about! That is, being swept off your feet by a handsome stranger or beautiful foreigner.

Have you met the love of your life while traveling? A shy glance on the train or a subtle conversation which developed into the ultimate love affair? Please share your stories of love and intimacy on the road, and perhaps the old-fashioned romantic in me might just emerge. Even if just for a while!

So, happy campers, have a blast, and remember to be safe and not sorry!

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