Could you take time out of your career for long-term travel? We talk with James Rainbow about what his career break has been like so far, and with Sherry Ott about how to take an excellent career break.

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The ultimate career break

James Rainbow was lucky enough to approach his boss about a career break when there was space for him to do so. He’s travelled through Europe, was on the Trans-Mongolian railway when we caught up with him, and he’s now in Vietnam! He’s blogging here.

During our interview he gave some good advice for getting that career break approved, using the informal network of travellers to make your life easier, and how to travel the Trans-Mongolian railway — including recommending the gem of a book, The Trans-Siberian Handbook by Bryn Thomas.

James was lucky that his company had a career-break policy in place, and the current situation made it a win-win. But if you’re not so lucky…

How can travel make your CV look better

We spoke with Sherry Ott — a long-time friend of Indie Travel Podcast — about how a career break can help you professionally.

With Sherry in Santiago
Linda and Craig with Sherry in Santiago

There are a lot of ‘soft’ skills which travel brings out, and a lot of stories to tell that showcase your decision-making skills and reactions under stress. You can sculpt those into a powerful argument for use in successful interviews.

Meet, Plan, Go! later this year

Sherry and the team is currently planning events across North America, called Meet, Plan, Go! which will be held on October 16th this year. If you’re near Toronto or one of the other (all USA-based) cities, it’ll be well worth attending. To be the first to learn when tickets go on sale in September – sign up for the Career Break Newsletter here.

So what about you? Is a career break an option? And if not, why not?! Or have you already managed to get out there and do it, like James and Sherry? Share your story with us in the comments.

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  • Sounds so tempting! In my (American) opinion, I think a lot of managers would be open to a career break if you give them lots of notice. They'd proly like to have you back after a year or two rather than having to hire and train a whole new person.

    on August 15, 2012 at 10:27 am Reply
    • Yes, it's a logical option to me. Get back someone who knows the systems, and is now energised and with a bigger view of the world.

      on August 15, 2012 at 2:02 pm Reply

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