At first glance, Buenos Aires and Las Vegas don’t seem to have a lot in common apart from the fact that they both have Spanish names — they’d be a bit different if they were called Good Airs and The Meadows. But today, they share the honour of being the subjects of the very first guidebooks from Indie Travel Guides.

We’re excited to announce that you can now buy your very own copy of one or both of the books, which are a bit different from other guidebooks. We’ve talked about this a lot over the last year, but now let me share what makes our guidebooks better than anyone else’s (in our opinion, of course, and hopefully yours too!).

Exploring your world

Neighbourhood sections

Indie Travel Guides "neighbourhood" listing page
Indie Travel Guides “neighbourhood” listing page

Have you ever found a wonderful place to eat in a guidebook, only to realise that it’s on the other side of the city from where you’re staying? Or you’ve heard about a great hostel but don’t know what there is to do in the area nearby? All Indie Travel Guides have accommodation, food, and things to do information listed twice: once in dedicated sections (“Accommodation”, “Eat and drink”, “Things to do”), and once organised by neighbourhood. This means that it’s easy to see what’s in each area, and you can easily plan your time in each part of town.


Speaking of planning your time — you don’t have to. Both guides have detailed itineraries for ten ways to spend a day in the city, including restaurant recommendations. If you’re interested in history, choose a history-themed day; if you just want to go shopping, put your walking shoes on and follow the shopping itinerary. There’s something for everyone — the only problem is that you might not have time to do them all!

Magazine-style inspiration from the Things to Do section
Magazine-style inspiration from the Things to Do section

And if you’re just after the highlights, you can check out the top ten things to do section and create your own plan.

Day trips

You’ll also get several suggestions for day trips to get out of the city: for example, you could head to the Hoover Dam from Las Vegas or to Colonia, Uruguay, from Buenos Aires.

Other info

And of course, the guides include all the stuff you’d expect: information about transport, safety tips, background notes, a history section and a whole lot more.

Honestly, they’re great. Take a bigger look at our guidebook philosophy, and pick up a copy today.

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