The review section of Indie Travel Podcast is growing by the day, with new reviews going up all the time. We’re enjoying sharing our opinion of products, experiences and food; and it’s also great to read the reviews put up by other members of our ITP community.

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Accommodation is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a trip, and there are some fantastic hostels and resorts out there.

Villa Azul.
Villa Azul.
Azul Fit, Fuerteventura, SpainLinda’s review of Azul Fit outlines the various choices of accommodation, the daily schedule of the resort, and the food on offer.

Butterfly Home, Budapest, Hungary
Brian’s review of Butterfly Home is unashamedly positive, with a focus on how helpful the proprietors were.

Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
The title of Jane’s review: “A resort for people who don’t like resorts” says it all. Although the Phoenician is certainly a resort, Jane outlines all the positive aspects of her stay.


If you’re travelling, you’re going to be using some form of transport — and there’s usually a choice.


craig heading to ryan air flight
Despite Linda’s not-so-positive opinion of Ryanair, recently she and Craig have had some good experiences with the company. Hence a good review of Ryanair.

Naviera Armas
There are many ways to travel between the Canary Islands, Linda’s review looks at one of the major companies.

Well, we haven’t quite managed to write the review yet — but we like them! Westbahn’s trains offer a cheap and convenient way to travel across Austria.

Things to do

Our things to do section is quite food-and-drink heavy, with a strong focus on Spain. In addition to a wealth of reviews about Jerez, you’ll also find food tours for Madrid, Lisbon, and Venice, and a couple of tours in Berlin and Prague.

Views from Tavira Tower.
Views from Tavira Tower.
Madrid food tours
We’re looking forward to trying Lauren’s tour for ourselves, but in the meantime, Alexis wrote a glowing review of her experience trying the tapas of Madrid.

Tavira Tower, Cadiz
There’s plenty to do in Cádiz, and visiting the Tavira Tower is one of them. Craig’s review outlines why.

Storyline of Berlin Urban Adventures Tour
Urban Adventures offer many fantastic tours, and one of our favourites was about the history of Berlin. Read Linda’s review here.


There are millions of books out there to help you travel more, travel well, or travel vicariously. These are some of them.

The Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles
Frequent flyer miles can be confusing, and it takes an effort to get your head around the different systems. Jane’s review of Travis Sherry’s guide to frequent flyer miles will help you decide if it’s for you.

The Cubicle Escape Plan
Sometimes all you need is a bit of encouragement and a few ideas — read Alanna’s review of Sarah von Bargen’s book to see if this is one that you’d like to read.

The Liar’s Guide to South America
If you want a novel that will take you travelling with it (or vice versa, of course), the Liar’s Guide to South America could be a good choice. Check out Alanna’s review.

Other sections

We also have a food and drink section — though it seems that a lot of our “things to do” reviews are about eating and drinking. There’s also one solitary app review, but we’ve got some more of those in the pipeline.

If you’d like to write a review for us, get in touch!

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