Round-the-world travel is nothing unusual for Kiwi, Dave Dean. He tells us about his travel in Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

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We start by talking about overland travel in Africa. Big trucks, big cats and the wonders of break-downs, border crossings and finding budget alternatives in Africa.

Lucky this wasn't a zebra crossing. (Late night, bad joke.)

Asia, Europe and the Pacific

This year has seen Dave travel from Australia to Southeast Asia, on to Europe (where we first met, and got covered in tomatoes in the world’s biggest tomato fight) then back to Australia after more time in Southeast Asia.

Water buffalo and their driver in Vietnam

Dave has written several stories on Indie Travel Podcast and also runs What’s Dave Doing? where he covers life as a traveller with a touch of humour and introspection.

To hear our interview, look for episode 179 in iTunes.

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  • Strikingly Beautiful!!! Never seen a rhino in person :)

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