It’s wine week here on the Indie Travel Podcast!

This is something new we’re rolling out this year … every month or so we’re going to focus on one place or one theme for a week, and see what comes up. Before we crank into the first-ever theme week, on our favourite drink ever, let’s take a look at the podcasts and stories about wine that are already available on Indie Travel Podcast.

We’ve got videos from the Bristol Food and Wine Fair, wine tasting in Cambodia (below) and wine tasting in Greece … and a lot more besides.

We have advice on what to eat and drink in New Zealand, cheap places to drink in Europe, notes on the surprisingly good wine while you travel in Austria or around Auckland.

Drinking wine is certainly a thing to do while visiting South Australia, and it’s one of the reasons to visit western Colorado and to visit Toronto’s distillery district. Wine tasting is perfect when planning your road trip or backpacking South America.

Wine features heavily in our travel diary, with some notable weeks including the Barossa and Clare Valley in South Australia, Salta and Cafayate in Argentina and Mendoza too!

And now, welcome to Wine Week

This week we’ll see even more stories from travellers around the world who have enjoyed a little tipple at interesting places. Pop some bubbles and let’s get into it.

wine week on Indie Travel Podcast

New Stories for Wine Week

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