Two subjects today: Denver, Colorado and community-centered tourism with Milan Doshi from the Queen Anne B&B located in the city.

We talk about waste and ecological developments in hospitality then move on and get a great overview of things to see and do in Denver.

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Community-centered hospitality

Tied in with the green-travel and slow-food movements, the idea behind community-centered hospitality is a return to being truly local and developing a sense of place in a hotel, hostel or B&B. At the Queen Anne, they do this by sourcing food from local, organic farms and co-operatives, composting leftover food for their own garden, and having everything from décor to bathroom supplies created by local companies.

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There’s a focus on natural products and zero waste, which is very important, and that’s supplemented by allowing the local flavour to percolate and tell its own stories.

Things to do in Denver, Colorado

Milan talks enthusiastically about his home city of Denver, Colorado focussing especially on food and drink, but not being shy about the natural wonders just on the city’s doorstep. There’s a natural amphitheatre, long mountain bike trails and spectacular mountains to see. Listen to the podcast for some great, specific recommendations.

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  • Hi guys, Great podcast as usual. I used to live in Denver (I'm an Aussie) and it's a great place - although if I had limited time, I'd use it as a jumping off point to the Rockies rather than the destination in it's own right. Go to Mount Evans, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak or just head on up into the mountains... One other point: when Milan says the sun is out in Winter and it gets up above 40 degrees, he's talking Farenheit (about 5 degree Celcius). And sure it can often get above that and be lovely sunny crisp days, but I've also been snowed in there, had a run of two weeks without getting above freezing, and it quite often gets 20 to below zero. Certainly a bit different for anyone expecting 40 degrees Celcius (104 degrees Farenheit)!

    on November 3, 2010 at 6:49 am Reply

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