In this Las Vegas Podcast, we talk with guidebook author Lenore Greiner about her new book Las Vegas.

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Meet Lenore

Californian Lenore Greiner’s Las Vegas peels back the cover on world famous Sin City, and reveals wonderful local gems – experiences that only the locals have previously known about, hidden behind the glitz and glamour in the Mojave Desert. A well-travelled writer, Lenore Greiner writes about places that inspire, excite, and interest her – and Las Vegas obviously does all three.

Greiner started traveling alone at 17, heading to Baja, Mexico right after high-school graduation; by 19, she was attending school in Perugia, Italy, and spending spring break on Crete. Over the following years – despite marriage and children – she has continued to travel, albeit not always alone.

“My husband is one of my best travel companions,” she claims. “He doesn’t even need to know much about the destination, just what clothing is required,” she laughs.

Lenore’s lifetime of travel has meant a cornucopia of experiences – she has ridden horses with gauchos in Argentina, meditated in an Indian ashram, explored the Mayan city-state of Tikal in Guatemala, snorkeled around Bora Bora, hiked the Australian outback and much more.

When not on the road, Lenore, a longtime travel journalist, writes for several travel portals. Her blog is a popular and helpful resource within the online travel blogging community.

Your thoughts on "Fabulous Las Vegas! An interview with author Lenore Greiner"

  • Thanks very much for this interesting episode on Vegas. I'll definitely buy a copy of the book the next time I am sent there for a conference. I have a couple of things I would like to expand upon that were intimated in the interview. The prices of accommodations in Vegas can vary wildly depending on when you go there. When doing your long-range planning for your trip, look up hotel prices for various times of the year and try to avoid times when there are large conventions in town such as CES or NAB. You will quickly see that during those conferences, hotels can be hugely expensive but even a few days away from a convention, if there is not much else going on in town, you really can get those $25 rooms at a decent hotel. The hotels expect to make up the discount on the room many times over with what you spend in the casino. Decide before you go how much you are willing to lose at the casino. If you are not interested in gambling at all, you can make out like a bandit with cheap rooms, cheap (and in some places very good) buffets and balancing out a few of the more expensive shows with the many other cheap or free things to do in town. If you are not that into gambling but would like to give it a little try just for fun, decide how much you are willing to gamble with, perhaps $1-200, learn the basics of one or two games that look the most fun for you, and set aside a defined period of time that you will try them, say 7-11pm on a given evening. If you can, go with a group of friends and make a night of it. If the money you have allocated runs out before the end of the evening, STOP gambling. If you are with friends you can still have a good time watching them play, chatting and drinking the free drinks. If you are really into gambling, still set aside a particular amount of money you are willing to lose and a definite time of day that you will stop gambling. The casinos try to make their environment timeless so you will just go on gambling for hours and hours. As was mentioned, for your gambling time, downtown is definitely the place to go. You can have more fun on a smaller budget than on the strip. It is a bit of a chore getting from the strip to downtown though. Las Vegas is definitely a car town. If you drive there or rent a car this is not too much of a problem but, as I discovered when I tried to economize by staying at a downtown hotel for my first conference there, public transportation takes a really long time between the two areas and walking from one to the other is only an option if you are a veteran backpacker. What looks like just a few blocks on the map is actually very far since each of the blocks on the strip can be several miles long. If you are doing everything on the strip, however, you can actually walk between many of the places there if you are in shape and you are there during a time of year when the weather is reasonable. Just make sure you give yourself quite a bit more time to get places if you do that. If you do bring a car, you still may want to strategize when you are going to drive and when you are going to walk as parking can be expensive in some places and a bother if you are just going one or two properties over. I liked to just walk when all the places I was going to were in the middle of the strip and only take the car out when I was going further. If you are mainly walking, you may still want to rent a car just for one or two days to go to Red Rock Canyon and to the Hoover Dam. The tour inside the dam is pretty cool. The Imperial Palace used to be a great place for value accommodations. An older hotel with luxury rooms so it was cheaper than the new ones. It looks like it is now The Quad so I assume it has been remodeled but it still seems to have pretty good room prices. It also has a great car museum if you are into that. There are a bunch of other cool and usually cheap museums in town but other than the car museum, I plan to check out the old sign graveyard next time I am there. All of the old elaborate signs and neon from LV's past are there (except those that have been restored and are up to see in the downtown area). Cheers, Bruce

    on March 16, 2013 at 3:22 pm Reply
    • Bruce, those are some awesome additions to the interview! Thanks for taking the time to put them together in such an easy-to-read way :) There's only so much we can fit into each interview... Especially with amazingly complex cities like Vegas! Let us know the next time you're heading down there: would love your feedback on the new guidebook.

      on March 16, 2013 at 3:53 pm Reply
      • Will do. Glad I could help. I just wish I could get to Europe as often as I am sent to Las Vegas. Most of my travel advice for there is a bit dated. ;-)

        on March 22, 2013 at 2:18 am

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