We’re pleased to announce the winners of our September travel photo competition, themed “Transport and Transit”. But first…

October travel photo competition: Reflections

Our theme for October is “Reflections”. We want to see what you’ve seen reflected around the world, or something that speaks to you of reflection. Enter here.

Prizes for October

This month we have another great round of prizes for you:
First place:

Second place:

September winners

First place:
Paul wins:

  • A US$189 Kindle thanks to Dohop.com; a quick and easy site for planning travel. They search the web and find you the cheapest flights, the best hotels and the nicest-smelling rental cars. Dohop is giving away a Kindle since they believe in your freedom. Books are heavy in the way that the Kindle is not. Have a great trip!
  • A copy of Make the Most of Your Time on Earth from Rough Guides plus a book of your choice from their guidebook catalogue.
  • A copy of Art of Solo Travel and Travelling Europe from us at Indie Travel Media.
transport and transit travel photo competition - golden gate bridge - paul thompson
Transport and transit travel photo competition winner - Golden Gate Bridge by Paul Thompson

Paul had this story to share about his prize-winning shot. Earlier that same day, I was shooting photos at Lombard Street (the famous curvy one) and my rented car was broken into. The thieves made off with with my backpack which included a very expensive camera lens and my tripod. Being the intrepid traveler that I am, I did not let that event keep me from getting my dream shot.

I drove over the bridge and parked down by the water at an old military training base. Because I didn’t have my tripod, I balanced my camera on top of one of those big wooden bulkheads. I used a remote shutter release to keep the camera from shaking, and kept the shutter open on a 30-second timer. The long exposure is what made it possible to catch the wisps of fog descending over the bridge. You can find more of Paul’s photos on Flickr.

Second place: Dhow of the Jumeira Palm, Dubai, UAE by Nico Crisafulli
Nico wins:

transport and transit photo competition - dhow off the jumeira palm, dubai, UAE - Nico Crisafulli
Transport and transit photo competition runner up - Dhow off the Jumeira Palm, Dubai by Nico Crisafulli

Thanks to our guest judge for September, Steph from Twenty-Something Travel.

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