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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s such a practical way of doing things and the prices are a helpful guide. Linda and I have often talked about converting a van and living in it for a few months. I don’t know when, but one day…

  2. Great information. I’m planning on outfitting my minivan to do some stealth urban camping and the information comes in handy.


  3. Thought I would say thanks for bringing more attention to van dwelling. I might add that I have a 89 aerostar for a home, its the XL version making it as large a mini-van I have ever seen. This allow2 us taller people to have plenty of room to stretch out. Also, If you space your plywood up a a foot to 18″, you pick up an amazing amount of room underneath for storage. My best piece of equipment is my Engel 12V cooler fridge. Costs a lot up front but I am in my 3rd year of trouble-free use. I hook it to a seperate battery to insure it does not drain my van battery too low.

    I am currently converting a older step van to a dwelling. Its huge but with its tint diesel, gets the same 18-24 MPG as does my mini-van. Yikes!

    Thanks again for the article on living in a van.

  4. Hi Jerry,

    Sorry for the slow response, but thanks for the note about the fridge and second battery. I know very little about installing a second battery, though I know a lot of van-dwellers do it. Have you found any good internet resourses I can direct people to?

  5. Just thought that the Spaceship we’re travelling around in at the moment has a second battery. It charges when the car runs and powers the fridge and DVD player. Nice to know the car’s going to start after we watch a movie at night 🙂

    We’ve been keeping an eye out for some more killer resources and not found any. Might have to build it…

  6. Spending time outside is a certainly a help, but honestly the space is pretty easy to get use to. The main thing is to pack carefully, (but not as carefully as if you were living out of a backpack). You do sort of have to rearrange your view of it and think of it more as living in a large, sturdy, movable tent rather than as a small room. I’m often amazed at how much I’m able to cram into my car without giving up any of the “living” space in the back.