We’re excited about what we can share with you in 2012!

Not only has Travel Safety: Safety Tips For Personal And Corporate Travellers come out — and is now in paperback — we have at least six more books heading your way.

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Each of these books is being penned by a great writer, overseen by the Indie Travel Media editorial team, then is heading into our design labs to make sure we’re producing books that look great but, above all, are super-useful and provide great value for money.

Prime, Leyla, Stephanie and Lenore

Buenos Aires city guide

Stephanie Ockerman, the Travel Chica, herself is typing away on one of our three city guides. She’s exploring Buenos Aires to bring you the best in tango, street art, and steak… plus a whole lot more.

Las Vegas city guide

The city of lights (and, who would have thought!) nuclear testing will also be among the first city guides we publish. Lenore Greiner, author and editor at Travel Gear For Women is moving beyond the casinos to show us more of this famous city.

Auckland city guide

And I’m putting my fingers on the keyboard too! Auckland is one of the world’s most-livable cities and I reckon it’s an under-explored part of a visit to New Zealand. With focus on the water and the central suburbs, there will still be a chance to get out and about in the greater city.

Career breaks

Ready for a career break? Prime Sarmiento, half of the amazing Gypsy Gals will show you how to plan and live out your own Eat, Pray, Love adventures, then return to the workforce in a strong position, or leverage your experiences to start a location-independent business.

Solo travel for women over 50

Leyla Giray writes at Women on the road and she’s got some great ideas up her sleeve. She’s working on a practical and inspiring guide for the baby boomers out there: how do you have that trip of a lifetime? Leyla helps you every step of the way.

Art of Solo Travel second edition

And talking of solo travel, our best-selling book Art of Solo Travel is getting a massive update. Stephanie Lee is adding more chapters, more details, more stories, and — to celebrate — we’re bringing out a paperback version too. Don’t hold back on buying now though: there will be a free update to the PDF and ebook versions when we launch. Read more about edition one at Art of Solo Travel.

This is all in addition to our other planning books: Travel Safety and the Art of Couples’ Travel — and everything will be available in the updated Indie Travel Podcast bookstore coming soon.

We’re looking forward to bringing you these titles, and heaps more on Indie Travel Podcast this year. Now… get outside and explore.

Looking for our bookstore?

It’s moved to Indie Travel Guides at http://guides.indietravelpodcast.com

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