Asia travel information on Indie Travel PodcastAsia stretches the imagination and your reflexes as you pass from ultra-modern cities like Tokyo and Singapore through to tiny isolated villages in forests or mountains. Drop south from gargantuan China into the Indian subcontinent or venture through South East Asia’s beautiful countryside and beaches instead.

Considering that more than half the world’s population lives in Asia, you’re likely to be blown away by the sheer number of people, and the terrifying differences between the rich and poor. There’s plenty of space though — Asia isn’t so much a destination as a container to hold an amazingly diverse set of cultures and places.

With some of the richest archeological remains in the world, Asia is a culture-lover’s dream destination; at the same time, the cheapest beers on the planet make it a party-goers paradise. Whatever your reason for travelling to Asia, you’re going to love it!

Travel destinations in Asia

Cambodia travel information - Monks and Angkor Wat in Cambodia square

Cambodia travel information

Angkor Wat rises from the jungle and its image flies everywhere on the Cambodian flag. This country has been hard-hit by years of civil war, but is a rising star in Asia’s tourism portfolio along with its South East Asian neighbours Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. There’s plenty more than temples rising from the jungle … just in case they weren’t enough. READ MORE >>

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Great wall of China square

China travel information

Dozens of ancient cultures are still preserved in the world’s third-largest country, but it’s also one of the fastest-growing modern economies. Our coverage of the Asian behemoth is currently limited to our Shanghai city guide and our Suzhou city guide.

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mt fuji and cherry blossoms - japan travel information

Japan travel information

Ah, Japan. The place where tropical white-sand beaches, thousands of years of culture and tradition, and snow to die for if you’re a seasoned snowboarder or skiier, meet in one country. And there’s plenty more where that came from: think festivals, manga, food, and bullet trains. Think unique and you’re getting there…READ MORE >>

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Laos travel information - Two young monks on a bridge - square

Laos travel information

Relaxed, friendly, and a touch kooky at times, Laos can throw up surprises. If you’re hoping to find yourself in a land with few home comforts, eating animals you’d never touch at home, and meeting people who don’t view you as walking moneybags, you’ll love it. Laos tourism is developing quickly, but there’s still time to explore off-the-beaten track in Southeast Asia. READ MORE >>

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thailand beach at sunset - thailand travel information

Thailand travel information

Sparkling white-sand beaches, verdant jungles and bustling cities mean Thailand is an amazing destination for the party-goer, nature-lover and beach bum. And there’s no avoiding it: Bangkok is a shopping paradise with multilevel malls and unlimited street markets. READ MORE >>

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  • My wiife(photographer), myself and our 5 children under 9(7,4,3,2) are heading over to cambodia in july. Then on to Vietnam, Loas and back to Thailand. Wanting our journey to last as long as possible and we are keen on blogging from everones perspective. Want to join the journey???

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