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Frequently asked questions

Sorry, what’s a podcast?

A travel podcast is an audio or video file you can download to your computer or media player using a free subscription service. You can find the Indie Travel Podcast on the following networks:

Can I advertise on or sponsor your travel podcast?

Yes, we have strictly limited sponsorship and advertising availability for travel-related brands. Please contact Linda Martin via the contact page.

Can I share the Indie Travel Podcast with friends?

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Sure you can. Simply copy and paste the link to any page of the site or any Soundcloud page in order to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… Whatever!

If you have your own website, you can embed any SoundCloud player using the “Embed” icon provided. We do ask that you link back to the original article where possible.

No relationship with Indie Travel Media Ltd or the Indie Travel Podcast is inferred by your use of the embeddable media players.

Something isn’t working! I can’t get it to play!!

That’s probably our fault! Contact us through the contact page or Facebook.

How do I find old episodes of the podcast?

Some things just aren’t meant to be! We have intentionally removed some older podcasts.

Some podcasts are now out of date — quick changes to international politics, visa regulations, and even natural disasters mean that travel is a constantly changing subject. Podcasts that were dangerously out of date or currently unuseful have been taken down, as we don’t want to give you bad advice.

A few technical problems mean that some very early shows got irreparably damaged, and we didn’t like them enough to hunt through DVDs for the master files.

There is also a technical limitation on the size of the iTunes feed, which we just can’t get around. Every now and again we have to knock another 20 shows off the end of the list to ensure we can keep posting the new stuff.

Why don’t you have a video podcast? / Where did your travel video podcast go?

To be honest, it just got too expensive to run! The bandwidth we burn through in delivering hundreds of gigs of HD video is pricey! We’re looking for a corporate/travel company sponsorship at US$2,000 a month to bring it back — it’s great coverage for the right brand. Contact us through the contact page if you’re interested.

Can you provide podcasting consulting or content for my business?

We can, and we already have for many businesses. See Indie Travel Media to see how we can make your business look good online.

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