Craig and Linda have found World Nomads to be the best fit for travel insurance while on the road. Get cheap, comprehensive travel insurance then relax and enjoy yourself.

Travel insurance: it’s simple and flexible.

You can buy, extend and claim online from anywhere, even after you’ve already left home! Recommended by Lonely Planet, World Nomads travel insurance is designed for independent travellers and covers overseas medical, evacuation and luggage such as smartphones and digital cameras.

We (Craig and Linda) were using WorldNomads long before we talked about them on the Indie Travel Podcast.

Many travel insurance policies don’t allow you to extend your cover from overseas, which leaves you stranded if you extend your trip. WorldNomads were the only company we could find to meet our insurance needs while we travel full-time because you can buy, claim and extend your cover online, even if you are still travelling.

We especially like the Footprints programme which allows you to make a small donation to a community project when you buy online.

What to look for when you buy travel insurance

Here are a few things to look for when choosing your insurance to make sure that you will be covered on your adventure:

  • Cancellation: It’s no fun if you fall ill before you leave and can not go on your trip. To claim though, you have to buy your insurance policy when you buy your trip. Not all insurance policies cover cancellation, so please read the policy wording relevant to you carefully.
  • Lost or stolen gear: Most travel insurance policies have a per-item value limit — make sure its high enough to cover your gear or choose a policy that allows you to increase the limit.
  • Medical expenses over and above evacuation: Check that your cover includes emergency treatment while away and transport to bring you home — remembering that insurance providers will usually insist on getting you home as soon as you are fit enough to travel.
  • Adventurous activities: Look carefully at what your policy covers – you may find that you are not covered to do all of the adventurous activities that you are planning while you’re away.
  • Personal liability: Accidents happen. If it’s found to be your fault and someone decides to sue you, you want to be covered.