RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a way to have new shows delivered straight to your computer — you don’t have to come back and download the episodes from the site.

Standard RSS feed

This feed contains everything we produce.


If you subscribe, you will get any new podcasts delivered straight to your computer by an RSS feed.

RSS (also known as ‘feeds’) is a technology that alerts your computer when new content is put online by websites that you subscribe to. Subscription is free and, once set up, everything works automatically.

You don’t need to buy anything … If you have a computer with speakers you can listen to podcasts.

You’ll need a free program to get the feed. We recommend using iTunes, which is free. It isn’t the only option, but we like it.


The short version
If you have iTunes installed, click here. When iTunes opens, click “subscribe”.

The long version
Step one: Click this link and install iTunes on your Mac or PC (it’s free — you don’t need an ipod).

Step two: Click here. When iTunes opens, click “subscribe”.

If that does not work, follow the remaining steps.

Step three: Click the “Advanced” menu option.

Step four: Choose “Subscribe to Podcast”.

itunes screenshot

Step five: Copy this into the text box: and click “OK”.

Step six: You’re done: episodes should be downloading. Click “play” and get listening.

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