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  1. Hey Adam, great post! I’ve never been to Tulsa but would love a chance to check out the Oktoberfest festival. It seems a lot more authentic than I would have initially thought with the beer tents, German beers, authentic music, food and more. It seems like a really great time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oktoberfest Tulsa is absolutly amazing, I had got the classic rock with the brown mustard from none other than Tulsa fest’s “Siegi’s”. It was delicious, it’d got everything a sandwich should have on it and ofcourse there’s so much more to indulge at here at Oktoberfest Tulsa, Oklahoma. Got some German beer and I was rocking Oktoberfest!

  3. Excellent place to know about different festivals happening around the world. I would love to go on African wildlife safari vacation in Tanzania or Kenya