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Hi, we’re Craig and Linda, the two Kiwis behind the Indie Travel Podcast. Since February 2006 we’ve been travelling around the world.

We are addicted. We see no end in sight.

indietravelpodcast - craigandlindamartin
Craig and Linda Martin on the Isle of Wight, England

Travel has always been our passion, but it didn’t come easy at first. For our first two years out of university we worked multiple jobs, did long hours, and kept up the student lifestyle, only with less beer. Every dollar saved at the end of the month got dropped on our credit card debt, then overdrafts, then Craig’s university loan.

There were some pretty depressing times punctuated by the reward of long hike, or a week-long trip to Australia or Fiji.

But the goal was in sight: we were debt free. Life could become a bit easier, and saving could begin for the big trip. It took more than another year before we left, but in February 2006 we road-tripped New Zealand’s South Island with our friend Angela then headed to Malta via Hong Kong and London.

We worked as we went, started the podcast too, and didn’t leave Europe for another two and a half years.

indietravelpodcast - craigandlindamartin in central park new york
Craig and Linda in Central Park, New York City

Travel had begun, and now we’d like to show you how you can live like us, travelling independently, full-time, and debt-free. Welcome to the Indie Travel Podcast.

About the Indie Travel Podcast

After several months on the road, we realised we had made some really dumb mistakes. We had become stuck in places we couldn’t afford to leave, not validated train tickets, failed to have insurance at the right time.

There were so many things we learnt on the road that we hadn’t ever read in a guidebook, and we wanted to share it. The Indie Travel Podcast was born, with our first show in recorded in St Albans, England — hosted on a friend’s spare server space.

Now, more than four years later, the Indie Travel Podcast serves as an online home to backpackers, expats, digital nomads and career breakers. We continue to find interesting stories from people on the road, amazing opportunities to fund people’s travels, and practical advice from every continent in the world.

We’re now publishing audio, video, photos and articles. There’s an amazing, worldwide community of indie travellers and many of them contribute their stories to the podcast. It’s become much bigger than us, but we’re glad to be caught up in the adventure with so many interesting people.

Thanks for being one of them. Now get outside and travel. Start here.

In the press

The Indie Travel Podcast is the Best Travel Podcast, according to Lonely Planet. And although we disagree with them on some things, we’re not going to push back there.

According to Travel Blog Sites, we’re in the top 30 most-visited independent travel blogs in the world; we’re in the top 10 from time to time too. It’s beginning to feel homely there.

Alltop, all the top storiesVarious other sites rank us as amongst the best travel podcasts in the world, and hosts Craig and Linda are in constant demand for expert quotes for travel articles and have appeared on national TV to talk about their travels.

We feature in Alltop’s travel section. It’s half-way down the page, but it’s confirmation that we kick ass.

In 2008 we were in the final ten of travel section in the Podcast Peer Awards. We’ve also been in the top 10 for the Blogger’s Choice Awards for Best Podcast over several years. These are vote-based, but we’d rather not bug you over them. Feel free though.

indietravelpodcast - craigandlindamartin in Goteborg botanical gardens Sweden
Craig and Linda in the Botanic Gardens of Goteborg, Sweden. Too cute, we know.

More reviews

For the intrepid traveler, there’s the Indie Travel Podcast (www.indietravelpodcast.com), which features the travels of a New Zealand couple and includes subjects like Accommodations, Reviews, and Equipment.

PC Magazine, June 2008

“If you’ve just finished Uni or are on a gap year or you’re simply sick and tired of the nine-to-five lifestyle then why not get a few tips and a bit of advice from these experienced budget travellers.”

Podfinder UK

Any one who has made up their mind that budget travel is for them should give this podcast/website combo I [sic] try.

Surviving the twenty-somethings

“…One of Europe’s leading travel podcasters…”


There are two types of people in this world — those who love tourist groups and those who’d rather die than experience the world with a bunch of weird strangers (we’re not judging, we’re just sayin’). If you fall into the latter category, check out the Indie Travel Podcast…Episodes, covering everything from travel tips and reviews to personal stories, are enlightening, informative and always frank.

Rachel Leibrock, the Sacremento Bee

indietravelpodcast craigandlindamartin in santa catalina arequipa peru
Craig and Linda in Santa Catalina, Arequipa, Peru

Technical details

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital DeliveryFor all you fellow geeks, here’s what the site is running on. If you would like to start your own travel blog, check Craig’s article on starting a wordpress travel blog or his Make Money Travel Blogging.

mt-120x60-ltWe used Bluehost to supply our hosting for the first two years. Their basic US$6.95/month package offers unlimited bandwidth which is great for a growing podcast. At the end of 2008 we switched over to Media Temple’s GridServer which costs US$20/month, but that proved too buggy.

Now, ITP is hosted on a cloud server on VPS.net, many of our other sites are on a custom package from WordPress Content Delivery Network, and other providers. Although we had teething troubles, we had tech support from the CEO and amazingly friendly and fast responses.

Craig’s carrying a 13″ MacBookPro and an iPhone. Linda has a MacBook Air and an iPod Touch. We prefer the Apple workflow to what we used to do on a PC and do recommend them.

We used to record using the inbuilt mic but we’ve since upgraded to a Zoom H2 field microphone. It made our lives so much better: sound quality improved immensely and we can record in many different situations.

The site runs on WordPress which is a content management system. WordPress is free and opensource and takes very little work to install, especially if you use Bluehost and their automatic installer to get started with.

The WordPress community is great at developing themes and plugins for anyone to use, and for a long time we used a heavily modified version of the Revolution Two Office theme for this site. Now, we use WooThemes.

indietravelpodcast craigandlindamartin line of capricorn
Craig and Linda on the Line of Capricorn, near Antofagasta, Chile

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