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Indie Travel Podcast Travel Magazine

The Indie Travel Podcast Magazine was a free digital pdf magazine, which also had a paid print component. The magazine was very well received, but its launch coincided with the 2009 recession and we struggled to fill our advertising quota. If you’re interested in funding a relaunch or sponsoring the whole magazine, get in touch.

Since we’re no longer running, why don’t you check out National Geographic Magazine, Australia or discount Australian magazines?

Travel Magazine Issue One

free digital travel magazine
Issue One

Travel Magazine Issue Two

free pdf travel magazine cover
Issue two

Want to make a magazine for your business?

Our company, Indie Travel Media Ltd, has the network of writers, photographers and designers to help your organisation create stunning ebooks, magazines or PDF documents. We can make you look good online and off. If we can help you create your dream publication, see the ways to work with us here.

Looking for a travel magazine? Try Magshop.

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