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  1. Was wondering what sort of Umbrella you have? Looking for a decent collapsible Umbrella for travelling.

    1. Linda Martin says:

      Hey Peter, the umbrella is a collapsible one that I bought at the Warehouse (a NZ superstore, a bit like Kmart) and cost about NZ$10. It’s held up well over the two or so years I’ve had it, much better than the one I got at the $2 shop. You can get good travel umbrellas at travel stores, but I’d probably recommend you just get a mid-range one from a shop like Kmart.

  2. This is really a very helpful article for those people who have a passion for travel. A disorganized packing can be a very stressing thing for travelers.

    1. Linda Martin says:

      Thanks Desiree, I agree! I like organisation and I like to know exactly where in my bag certain things are. The packing cubes are so useful!

  3. Love the idea of the separate cases. I’m going to look around for some that will work for me like that.

    1. Linda Martin says:

      Jessica, the ones I have I got from the $2 shop here in NZ, so they cost $2 each (US$1.50ish) and are perfect for what I need. I think they serve the purpose just as well as the $20 ones you get at travel stores.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Linda! I’ll keep an eye out for them in the dollar stores here.

  5. Karene W. says:

    Linda, Thank you for so many ideas that I can translate into practical solutions for a traveling grandma. I need to travel light to provide extra space to replenish all the goodies the kids need, like tins of NZ sweet corn, chocolate, Vegemite, etc. Cheers.

  6. What about shoes????? How about first aid and sunscreen and bug dope and sink plug and door stop, etc? That seems like a lot of books ( and I’m a reader. ) Wouldn’t a kindle be lighter and easier? What about city visits? I’m older, and prefer to look less like a backpacker and a little more urban chic. I’m heading to South America for 4 months and will have only one small wheelie bag under 40 lbs. I’m struggling with how to justify red cowboy boots (I can picture myself in them in Buenos Aires!) The above list seems like there is another person sharing the load.

    1. Linda Martin says:

      Hi Beverly, This list is a little out of date now: I don’t have all those books anymore, for one thing! I had so many because we were heading home from Spain and I’d bought a lot of grammar books to study Spanish with. I have a Kindle now, it’s much better for my back!

      I forgot to write shoes (because I always wear them, I just have a pair of walking shoes) and I also have some ballet flats for wearing out. First-aid kit and sunscreen are listed above. We don’t have bug repellent at the moment, since it’s not necessary in Europe. We just buy it when we need it. We don’t take a sink plug or a door stop.

      While there are two of us travelling together, I actually carry most of the shared resources as my bag is bigger — I have the first aid kit and all the toiletries (a few more than is listed above, now… things like shaving gel and hair gel). Craig has the “kitchen” — plates and sporks etc, and he also has all the electronics cables.

      It might be time to do an updated version of this list, but not too much has changed really — apart from losing the books!

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