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  1. Beautiful post! I came through your blog, its beautifully written. Jaipur is indeed a lovely place.

    1. Thank You DS! Yes, Jaipur is indeed a very lovely place with lots to see and do.

  2. A beautiful post and the glory of Jaipur revealed in all its splendor!

  3. Thank you Craig and Linda for featuring yet another article of mine here. It is such a pleasure and an honor for me to contribute something to this wonderful site and I look forward to sharing more of my travel stories here.

  4. Jaipur is very beautiful. I had to google it to find out where it is located.

    1. I am glad that you visited Jaipur after all and enjoyed it!!

  5. Really Informative Article for tour Lover..Nice writing….I really Love to read Travelling Articles and enjoying myself with different places and culture. Such a article provided true information so it will be helpful to traveller to know abt such places before the visit and make perfect planning.

    Thanks Arti for valuable writing abt Jaipur………

    With Kind Regards,

    From Vadgam

  6. i like the part to eat. when travelling it is always surprising to know the dishes of the place and their favorites. street foods are good to taste also.

  7. We’re currently in Pushkar. Not going to lie, kind of sad we’re not going to Jaipur on this leg of the trip. 🙁 Just not enough time. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Would have love to do some shopping there too!

  8. Now I’m dreaming of Jaipur after reading this. Your narration brought me here and I want to be here upclose and personal soon. Thanks for sharing this information, Arti.

  9. You have beautifully described about the four must do things in Jaipur. It is very interesting to read. I really liked your tips like getting an audio tour and being your own guide. And being a shopaholic, I just loved your tip to buy immediately what you like, as you might not find the same vendor again. I will also look for beautiful pots and pans, next time I go to Jaipur.

  10. Jantar Mantar, the largest sundial in the world, is a World Heritage Site and definitely a must-not-miss on your trip to Jaipur.

  11. Nice post with lovely images,
    It will provide best way to to explore Jaipur for every tourist. I also visited Jaipur in last year,,it was amazing trip to with my family. The best part of trip Govind Devji Temple. I enjoyed a lot in Jaipur trip and like Lassi in jaipur….it was Delicious Lassi…I like it.

    Thanks for sharing such great type of article.

  12. Nice and Valuable information. Thank you for sharing this kind of post.It is useful to many.

  13. Jai pur that i love to travel.. After completing our lockdown. I surely travel to jaipur…