Small toiletries in a plastic bag for flights.

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  1. Great post! Found a couple of items I will check out (even though I probably shouldn’t looking at the space I have left).

    Question: Do you use any particular carry-on bag? Minaal? Tortuga? Something else?

    1. Thanks Momo! I use the Aarn Backfavour, which is great. It’s starting to sit a bit low on my hips though, I might need to replace it. Craig has a North Face Overhaul 40, which is fine but doesn’t have a waist harness. We spent over a year trying to find the right bag for him, and this was the closest to perfect we could find.

  2. Finding a really good bag is essential. How good is one bag depends on how many stuff you could fit in it. It doesn`t matter what color is the bag. Love your list. I am going to print it. Greetings!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I agree, a good bag is really important.

  3. Julie Hansen says:

    I caught up with this post yesterday (so glad your podcasts are back in action!), and couldn’t help but smile when twice you mentioned ‘the kitchen sink’ .. the quintessential sign of the over-packer? I travel light, but would never leave home without my kitchen sink! I use it to wash out clothes every couple of days. (I wring the clothes dry in a towel, drape them carefully somewhere, and they usually dry overnight, especially in Europe where the air seems drier than at home in Australia). I initially travelled with a universal plug, but could never get it to hold the water in a sink. My kitchen sink solves that problem.
    I use an ultralight version now – takes almost no space, but has the disadvantage of being a little flimsy, compared to my older slightly larger version. The larger one can stand alone and holds water reliably – the smaller one I tend to use only in a sink/shower in case the sides collapse. But it’s still my favourite, because it’s so small and handy. Useful on picnics too, and for soaking tired feet …..
    My friends always scoff when I tell them I travel with a kitchen sink, but there’ve been quite a few converts over the years. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! I’ve never heard of someone *actually* travelling with a kitchen sink — but if it works for you, that’s great. Everyone’s carrying something that other people think is odd, sometimes we just don’t admit it. Craig carried around a plastic basin for soaking his feet in during our last camino, looks like your sink would have been a much better solution!

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