Packing for travel isn’t most people’s favourite part of a trip. Perhaps you always take too much, or find that you’ve left essentials behind. Maybe you’re the kind of person who packs a pocket knife in her carry-on luggage. (That’s just an example, I’m not saying it’s happened to me… and certainly not more than once!)

Perhaps you always forget to pack small-sized toiletries, or just can’t decide which clothes will be useful and which will be a waste of time.

Or maybe you love to pack and spend weeks dreaming about it before the wonderful moment of packing finally arrives. It takes all sorts!

However you feel about packing your backpack/suitcase/generic bag, there’s something here for you. After thirteen years of full-time travel, we’re still learning new tricks and tips for better packing, and the articles below will help you find your packing zen. Whether you want to know what clothes to pack, which toiletries to take, or you’re looking for a full list, there are plenty of options!