Small toiletries in a plastic bag for flights.

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  1. I usually enjoy your writing very much, Linda, but I found this post slightly offensive. “Boys, feel free to leave out the hairties.” Really? What if they have long hair? And make-up is for girls only? This bothers me for two reasons: you are first assuming that all girls thinking of travelling already wear loads of makeup and need to cut down before they can leave, and second that all men thinking of travelling don’t use any products that can be classed as makeup. I know guys who use a kind of foundation, various fancy face washes, and sometimes something to cover up blemishes. I’m not saying that you really need these things (for travel or not), but it just bothered me that you made the assumptions that all of your readers fit in to such heteronormative categories.

    1. Hi Sam,

      Sorry you feel that way.

      There’s a little bit of stereotyping that goes into any writing, especially when you’re trying to make a dull but important topic a little lighter. Sure, boys have long hair and use hairties (Craig does from time to time); sure, not all girls use lots of makeup, and some boys do. Sometimes the terms ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ are completely useless descriptors. We’re all aware of that, but to completely avoid generalisations makes writing unbearably academic in tone; and that’s not something we want either.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I realise now that my comment sounded rather hypersensitive and overly critical; it is just an article about packing toiletries after all! I really do like the work you do; that is just a pet peeve of mine, and I was compelled to point it out.

      2. Hi Sam, I know what that feels like: horrible to have your buttons pushed! We’ll do our best to keep too many stereotypes (gender and other) out of Indie Travel Podcast, and hope you enjoy your future reading.

  2. Great advice, thanks. Ladies (and men who are so inclined) might consider eyelash tinting or lash extensions. And for ladies like myself, who shave for a cure, I accept that there are such things like hairbands are not something I need. However having One to give away is a great way to win a friend 🙂

  3. Hi Linda,

    As someone who works for a company which produces bespoke travel packs and kits, we’re always looking for new content to use on our website and in our newsletter – how would you feel about being featured? Naturally, we’ll link to you and your website, and promote the article through our SM platforms.



    1. Hi Kit, we’ll be in touch via email.

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