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  1. As for keeping your suitcase fresh, I always stick a few dryer sheets throughout my suitcase. It keeps things smelling nice and they are great to use if you end up actually doing laundry.

  2. They don’t have dryer sheets in NZ?! Dryer sheets are simply the little, nice smelling, sheets that you place in the dryer with your clothes. They prevent static cling, soften your clothes, and makes them smell like a field of flowers; and they are also great for putting in your pack!

  3. For some reason when dirty clothes have been lost in the bottom of my backpack, and I pull them out again, I sort of trick myself into thinking they are clean. They certainly don’t smell as bad as the ones I have on! I tell myself it sort of feels like Xmas to find something lurking around down there that I haven’t seen in awhile…

  4. Socks are a typically smelly culprit in one’s backpack, which is why I tested out the claims by Smart Wool that theirs would last longer between washes (than an average pair) without getting smelly. And after using several pairs on my trip around the world, I can stand behind that claim. They cost a bit more, but getting a few extra days of wear out of them was worth it to me.

  5. Funny stuff. You know what is even worse than your clothes smelling bad? It is when you don’t even notice how bad they smell. I have been there before.

  6. Good Morning Sherry!

    Loved learning about your suit case and how you organize your moving home.

    Darci is in Wichita this week baby sitting Benjamin and Sarah while John and Marci are in College Station, TX for his work. Spouses are treated royally with entertainment during this week so hopefully Marci is enjoying.

    Darci, Benjamin, Sarah and I plan to go to Lisa, John and kids today for a get together and maybe swim and view a couple of kids play softball at 6:00 PM before returning to Wichita.

    I do enjoy your website and learn about world for your writings. Interesting.

    Have a blessed by God Almighty day. Vonny
    Stay safe on your motor bike in all that chaos

  7. I second the smartwool socks. They’re the only brand I buy nowadays. I’m sure the magic will fade at some point, but I’m loving them.

    Margaret, please help me: what’s a dryer sheet?

  8. I do 90% of our washing and I’ve never seen them. Then again, I’ve never separated a colour from a white item or anything like that either. If it can’t get washed all together, it doesn’t get bought 🙂

  9. We have dryer sheets in New Zealand definitely! The secret to travelling light and fast with clean clothes is to hop into the shower wearing your dirty socks, underpants and t-shirt; then remove them while in the shower and scrub them madly with soap and shampoo. Saves heaps of time and money.