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  1. Great article and pictures, The information your have provided really useful and inspiring. Looking Forward to the more and more interesting destination and event.

  2. Thanks for the show about Salzburg. I really enjoyed it. I loved the short time that I had there in ’92. One thing I would recommend to visitors is to take the last funicular up to the fortress in the evening, wander around as much of the fortress grounds as you can, enjoy the sunset and twilight and stroll back down into town. I did this with a few friends I had made at the hostel after having taken the tour first thing in the morning and doing other things in town and it was a lovely experience. Probably best done during the summer when stays light a bit later.

    Another thing some people might like to see are the two cave churches up in the “catacombs”. From what I was told by the tour guide, one of them was one of the oldest existing churches in Europe and was or may have used by Christians when they were required to worship in secret.

  3. Wow if I ever travel back to Salzburg, I will be sure to keep this list of amazing things to do in mind. I love your article and the pictures that are with it. You did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to read more!

  4. A nice list for my next visit to Salzburg. I really like Austria – not only for the variety of things one can do there but also for the tasty food.
    BTW: Salt mines can be found all around the region and are really fun to discover!