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  1. Hi guys!
    You said you were thinking about doing a special on WWII history sites in Germany and I instantly thought about a place I would like to recommend for that. Regensburg has not been on your schedule on this episode, but in case you should ever end up around there again, they have an amazing underground museum called Dokument Neupfarrplatz.
    Down below the town square you can see roman walls, a basement from the old Jewish quarter and a wwII bunker all in one place! It’s not a big place but it offers a lot of insight into the roots of early antisemitism especially in connection with the catholic church.

      1. Regensburg has been hit pretty badly by the recent flooding so it’s probably for the best if you save this gem for some other time with nice weather! 🙂 Happy travels!

      2. Yes, it’s been quite surreal travelling around the Rhine, Vlatava, and more while all these floods have been happening! I think you’re probably right there: it’ll wait for another day.

  2. You are right,other than Oktoberfest and Beer festival..Munich has many travel attractions.:)
    Just start walking around the Old Town,Munich and you will see many tourist spots.