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  1. Excellent list! Spain’s architecture is so beautiful and full of culture!

    1. Yes, there were so many more things we did that we just didn’t have time to talk about. Spain really plows money into its architecture, which — along with some epic countryside — makes its cities a joy to explore.

  2. Been to Segovia and Toledo, great cities. The aqueduct in Segovia is one of the best in Europe.

    1. Hi Stephen, yes – we were stunned by it. As we said in the show, we really didn’t have many expectations… and it was something else!

  3. Central Spain is one of my favorite parts of Europe. Just returned from Madrid, Segovia and Toledo and had a fantastic time. Looking forward to bringing a group of photography enthusiasts to the same locations, plus Barcelona, in September 2012, and then again in September 2013. I call Spain “the other Italy,” it’s just as wonderful, less crowded and a bit less expensive, plus they’re really good at futbol!

    1. Such a shame we missed you, Ralph! We might be down in Barcelona again in November, so we’ll miss you again!

      Spain definitely compares with Italy in terms of things to see, do, and eat.

  4. Such a nice article about Toledo! I’m planning a few days trip around Madrid, and friends told me that Toledo is really close, so one day could be there… But what I dont know, what is the best way to get from the airport to madrid city centre? I don’t want to lose much time of travelling and getting lost… How are the taxis? And the transfers? I found this company: transfer2airports do you know anything about them? Is the public transport easy enough? Thank you a lot!

    1. Hi! It’s really easy to get to the city centre by public transport, we usually used a bus or metro train. Don’t bother with private transfers!

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