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  1. Fantastic article about the Indie travel, Linda. Very thorough and comprehensive. Waiting to enjoy other similar posts in the future.

  2. Hey guys, I just started listening to your podcast and really loved this episode. I think indie travel is about being Independent and travelling the way you want to. Not relying on others to plan your path but for you to walk in your own style, in your own time in any direction you want to. Most of the time we feel we are being wildly adventurous getting off the beat track in far flung destinations but normally someone has already laid the tracks for us but as we are all unique we see things in a different way to others. PS best of luck on the Camino !

    1. Hi Vourneen, I completely agree — making your own decisions is important, it doesn’t matter if other people have done the same trip before because each person will have a different experience. Thanks for your good wishes for the Camino, we really enjoyed it! Check out the podcast about it: indietravelpodcast.local/spain/camino-primitivo/

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