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  1. Complaining about the pervasiveness of Wetherspoons and Greggs while enjoying the cheapness, welcome to The English Way 🙂

    1. Yep, that’s the problem, huh?! If only we could have the economies of scale the homogeneousness brings, with the interesting differences of small, locally run places.

  2. Enjoyed the podcast. You are right about how homogeneous the pubs have become. The local pubs are really struggling to survive at this moment. Belated birthday greetings to the pair of you. Just celebrated my birthday on the 12th too.

    1. Happy birthday, birthday twin! We also share it with Nomadic Matt.

      It’s a shame that they are, because there are some fantastic pubs around. We stayed in St Albans for about three months … that is the ultimate pub city, but even then a lot of the high street pubs are being bought out or becoming franchises.

  3. Stumbled upon your website just now. I’m looking forward to checking out more podcasts soon 🙂

  4. Just stumbled across this page and read the lot! It’s great to see some honest writing and love your take on things. Very true about London too!

    1. Great, Kerri – glad you stumbled upon us, and really glad you enjoyed what you found 🙂

  5. Utrecht is located less than 30 minutes south of Amsterdam by train.

  6. nicole masters says:

    omg those pics are really amazing cant wait to see them in 1and a half year yea

    1. Thanks Nicole 🙂 What are your plans? Just heading over to Europe for a bit?

  7. Chad from america says:

    Y isn’t Dublin der man? Dublin has loads of attractions such as the guiniss buery, the BIGGEST CLOTHES shops in europe and it has loads of good transport links like Dublin airport trains stations that go around the country, Lias(tram) and Dublin bus offers a large variety of bus routes around Dublin and northern Wicklow, so tge dublin a try and I promise u wont be dissapointed! 😉

  8. i love this blog says:

    yo i love thisblog

  9. I’ve been to most of the places listed above and consider every one of them worth a visit. However my own list of best or most beautiful European cities (of those I’ve visited) would have to be 1) Strasbourg, 2) Prague, 3) Venice.

    1. Hi Steve, the most beautiful places in Europe would certainly be a tough list to put together… There’s so much to consider!

      I can’t disagree with those cities: I can see why they’d be a personal favourite very easily!

      We tried to include some of the big names everyone’s heard of, and also some of the really interesting small places that you wouldn’t think to go to. Venice and Prague definitely make it onto the ‘superstars of Europe’ list, but why Strasbourg? I’d be fascinated to know.

  10. I’ve seen many great cities around the world but I have never come across a more visually attractive place than Strasbourg. Large parts of the city are close to waterways, with endless bridges offering spectacular views. In fact, I found an outstanding view worthy of a photograph from almost every street corner. My favourite part of Strasbourg is the Petite France area, which strikes me as similar to Venice in some ways but with an architectural variation, based on Alsace designs that are influenced by both Germany and France. Whilst it’s hard to rival the sheer beauty of Venice, Strasbourg is more of a practical city, and beyond Petite France it also has endless attractions in the form of museums, palaces and churches, the most striking of all being Strasbourg Cathedral, which has to be one of the most visually impressive cathedrals in Europe, towering magnificently above three or four centrally located squares (most notably Place de la Cathedrale and Place Gutenburg). Further from the centre is the Place de la Republique, the grandest of all the squares, with a small central park area surrounded by impressive theatres, museums and administrative buildings. The whole city has a very relaxed feeling, with probably more pedestrians and cyclists than car drivers. It doesn’t have quite the same upbeat international atmosphere as Prague, for example, but it more than makes up for this in its stunning aesthetic qualities. All in my opinion, of course.

  11. Beautiful landscapes. Tks for making this article. Looking for more post from you in the future.

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