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  1. Great post Linda. Personally – I would love to see my folks travelling, for 1 or 2 days, then they would start to annoy me, same with my brother and all of my in-laws! I think part of the reason I travelled so much in my twenties was to get away from them! I know when I have visited my brother in New York, after a few days I want my space again. You are lucky. Xx

  2. Hi Theresa! I completely agree with you, sometimes a short time is the right time. We certainly have been lucky this time, everything was nice — we only had two days with my brother and I would have liked more, and the whole week with Craig’s parents went really well. That said, we’ve had arguments while travelling with family in the past, and I think we’ve learned from that, and made adjustments.

  3. Its true Linda that home is where family is and these pictures are lovely. Being accompanied by sibs and watchful parents who are still in love is a blessing I must say. Finding time and resources to include a larger loving group is conceptual and think everything fell in place for you guys.