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  1. I am bit biased when it comes to you too, but this really tapped into so many memories for me. Your tips were spot on from someone who really loves Eastern Europe. Oh the hot chocolates – I wonder if I was in the same cafehouse as you – because I totally remember that hot chocolate. Skip the Freud museum – I thought it would be fascinating, but nope. Only good thing about going there was the best pizza ever on the way there.

    I’d also recommend Budapest, too, and Prague. Prague is def another one of my favorite cities. I am actually headed to Salzburg this summer – so if you want to join, feel free!

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  3. hannansontour says:

    hi guys
    just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the recent podcast on Wien. i absolutely loved the city when i was there earlier this year and i reckon it’s right up there in terms of architectural delights (the Hapsburg Palace has to be seen to be believed). and without a doubt, Wien has the best kebabs in Continental Europe hands-down (big call i know, but i’ve done plenty of testing…)
    i’d also like to recommend that if you’re planning to head to Wien, make sure you take the tram out to the little wineries (i think they’re called Heurigen??) on the outskirts of the city. really cheap and best of all, most of them have a deli attached so you can stock up on your salami’s, sausages and cheeses while you knock back a few glasses of the local reds and whites…
    i’ll look forward to the next city-based podcast…

  4. Craig and Linda says:

    Thanks everyone. It’s great to have such positive feedback on this episode. There’s also been good feedback on twitter, email and facebook: we love you all!

  5. This is a very interesting article!!

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