Beer platter Brothers Brewery Auckland

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    1. Our photos don’t match your amazing recent foodie New Zealand post! You’ve even made veges look amazing!

  1. You missed the two things that we LOVED to eat in New Zealand. For one thing, we were blown away by the fresh and original ingredients in pizza. We were very surprised, but that was a fav NZ food. Second–river SALMON. Loved it. Pavolova on the other hand—-didn’t “get” it!

    1. Pizza down here is very, very good. I’ll get stoned for this, but I was really unimpressed by pizza in New York. (Duck!)

      Salmon’s an interesting choice. I’m a big fan of trout, which is illegal to sell — you have to catch your own, which adds to the fun of it.

      1. That’s a good point, Sophie! We’re both big fans, but Craig has never been able to pull one off, no matter how well he bakes other goodies.

  2. NZ’s fish and chips are the best in the world! (By world, I mean places that we’ve been on earth)
    And I love that L&P!

  3. I concur 🙂

    I was speaking to someone with a lot of allergies the other day. They said lemon in a softdrink was fine, but they weren’t sure about the other ingredient in L&P. I had to laugh!

  4. You know I have to respectfully disagree with your opening Linda 🙂

    I was really impressed with New Zealand’s progressive approach to local, organic food and found it to be really refreshing.

    Excuse the self-promotion but it’s relevant to the post, as a foodie I thought it was relevant to support #blog4NZ with a food post

  5. I think your post missed how us kiwis have taken boring food from around the world and made gourmet versions of it. The kiwi restaurant chains down just slice a bun in half, throw a bit of meat in the middle and call it a burger. A “real” burger should require two hands to hold and have a variety of amazing flavours, check out the amazing flavours available from burger fuel, burger wisconsin or murder burger. Even McDs has a burger with egg and beetroot in it.

    Same thing with pizzas, italians think a pizza should have 2-3 toppings on it. If it doesn’t have 8+ toppings, it’s not a real pizza. Check out the amazing flavours available from hell. All the international chains in NZ had to fancy up their pizzas (and make them healthier) to compete.

    Also, we have an amazing variety of asian food. Thai, Indian, Laos, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysian and many more all available.

    1. Oops. 2nd sentance, down should be “don’t”.

    2. Very true, Brendan – The fuse or improve creativity in NZ’s kitchens is very high. And Hell is the only chain pizza we eat down here.

      New Zealand also does Asian very well, with changes for local palates. Pacific fusion does well (but is out-of-budget for many travellers), but I wonder if there are any specifically New Zealand creations to come out of our Asian food influences?

  6. Meat Pies and Beer!!
    I can’t tell you how many meat pies I consumed in NZ, it became a mild addiction that my waistline didn’t agree with 😉

  7. Apparently, their Sauvignon Blanc is considered to be one of the world’s best! Good wine, and a good meal.. what else to ask for?

    1. Absolutely – and it’s nice to be back here for summer and enjoying it!

  8. Aside from perfecting the mince and cheese pie, New Zealand’s two main contributions to World Cuisine have to be flat white coffee, and cheese rolls. Cheese rolls are a South Island thing and the further south you go the better they get.

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