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  1. thanks for this timely article. i’ve just planned my rtw trip to include NZ. its nice to know that the month i have planned will be sufficient to see both the North and South islands. 🙂

  2. Excellent writeup! I’m headed to NZ in mid June and will be traveling solo. May not get to spend too much time in Auckland but this is helpful for sure. I just discovered your site so let me keep exploring. I will be spending about a week in the South Island and hope you have as helpful info about places there as this one for Auckland.


  3. Hi guys,

    Great tour! I was wondering if you would mind adding your tour to Walk With Me, it’s a site I set up for sharing audio tours.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Craig and Linda says:

    Glad to help, guys. We’ve just finished a 3 week tour in a Spaceship van and that was really good for us.

    You might want to check out one of our older episodes, Independent travel in New Zealand and keep an eye out for our review of Lonely Planet’s South Island guidebook in the next few weeks. Of course, you can always flick us an email – mail at indietravelpodcast.local

  5. Hi There. This is a very informative post. We will be passing this along to our readers. Very useful for Jet Set Travellers who have plans of travelling to New Zealand.

  6. Craig and Linda says:

    Hi guys, thanks for your positive feedback. Make sure you check the archives for several other city guides.

  7. We just re-recorded this podcast and updated the shownotes here, as at 16 January, 2012.

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