Things to do in Auckland

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Some say Auckland is quiet, but there’s plenty of things to do in Auckland that’ll keep you busy during week in the city. And if you have longer, then there’s more to explore!

Auckland bridge climb

New Zealand’s only bridge climb experience is a 3-4 hour walk over the iconic Auckland harbour bridge. With your guide you’ll learn about the history of Auckland, a little of the engineering details, and be treated to amazing panoramic views of the city. You’ll probably also be able to watch people bungy jumping from the bridge, or have a go yourself.

Bungy jumping in Auckland

There are two places to bungy in Auckland:

Bungy from the harbour bridge

You can jump from the specially installed bungy pod suspended under the Auckland harbour bridge. This is the only bungy in the world which allows you to touch the sea at the bottom… but watch out for passing yachts.

Bungy from the Skytower

The Skytower bungy is a controlled bungy jump — which is just as well, since you’re in the heart of the city! It does mean things are slower though.


The Museum of Transport and Technology is just beside Auckland zoo, and combining them with a visit to Western Springs makes a good day out. The museum has old trains, planes and automobiles as well as more recent technologies to play with and learn about.

Auckland Zoo

The largest zoo in the country is a modern and enjoyable experience, with multiple habitats for animals to explore and you to see. The new Te Wao Nui area is a New Zealand-centric habitat which allows you to see some of the indigenous flora and fauna up close.

Auckland Museum

The Auckland Museum sits high and proud at the top of the Auckland Domain; a large park of gardens and sportsfields on the edge of the CBD. With twice-daily Maori culture shows followed by a tour of the Maori-Pacific galleries, this is the easiest way to engage with indigenous Auckland during your stay.

Voyager Maritime Museum

With a prime location on the waterfront, the Voyager Maritime Museum is a celebration of New Zealand’s maritime culture. Free for Aucklanders, the Maritime museum is worth the visit … and there’s plenty of great restaurants and bars around the Viaduct for afterwards. Boat trips around the harbour can be booked through them or nearby.

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