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  1. I am heading there in a month and doing La Tomatina for the 1st time. Thanks for the great tips…. I can’t wait!!!

  2. One day I will make it there! Having done the mud race in England and been banned by the wife from the Cheese Rolling, what harm could a few Tomatoes do?? Top tip, head for the Ham.

    Love the blog and podcast.



  3. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay for La Tomatina, check out Stoke Travel. They offer and all-inclusive campsite, and they took us to and from the tomato fight!

      1. Hey Linda – I had THE best time. A lot of people say you’d only do it once in a lifetime, but I can’t wait to go back and do it again. Plus the Stoke party is unreal.

      2. Awesome! Since we were there, I heard you have to get tickets in advance. Did you do that yourself or was it organised for you as part of your Stoke package?

      3. Stoke had tickets for us and they were €10 for most people. Because I jumped on the bus from Barcelona it was included in my package.

  4. Where can I buy entry tickets to the festival without having to go on a tour bus. It’s my understanding you need tickets to get into the festival because of the large number of people.

    1. Hi Sylvia, you’re right — you now need tickets to go to La Tomatina. I think the year we went was the last one where you didn’t need a ticket. Looks like this is the place to buy tickets if you don’t want to go on a tour: http://latomatina.info/shop/en/

  5. Awesome tomato fight.I would like to take part in it.

  6. Where would the best place to stay be? Is the week long celebration held in Bunol alone, or are they held in Valencia city as well?

    1. Hi Dylan, I’d recommend Stoke Travel and I have a code SHARKWEEK where you book and get free unlimited beer and sangria. They camp and set up everything for you at Puzol and drive you into the fight in Bunol. There are celebrations in Bunol, Valencia and Requena. Even the campsite in Puzol gets involved with a big paella cooking competition this week of.

    2. Hi Dylan, Buñol is a very small town so staying in Valencia is a good choice. There’s plenty going on in Valencia throughout the week, and just heading to Buñol for the actual event is enough. You could do a tour like Hollie recommended, but we did it all independently and had a better experience than a lot of people on the tours. Book accommodation in Valencia in advance, as well as your transport away — there was a scrum at the train station when we wanted to leave!

  7. These were great tips, I’ve already bought my waterproof phone case to get all the action on camera! I’m going to La Tom next month with Stoke Travel and cannot wait!

    1. Have an awesome time — let us know how it goes! I’ll be interested to hear how it’s changed since they started using tickets to control numbers.