Have you always wanted to visit Paris? Go!

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  1. Good one – don’t forget Paris’s great food (both eating and shopping) and there are some fantastic parks which make for great walking, fresh air, and people-watching.

    Vive la France!

  2. Michael Wagener says:

    Personally I think that the two things that I enjoyed about my visits to Paris the most were the Sainte Chapelle (inside the Palais de Justice) – which is a beautiful and warm as Notre Dam is ugly and cold, and the Musee d’Orsay which taught me to appreciate impressionism. If I had one day in Paris I would make sure I checked out these two venues as well as the Eifel Tower and the Arc du Triomphe. The Louvre is large, and generally boring (but it has it’s good points).

    Another really interesting place is La Defence – at the top of the Champs Elysees. The whole area is a triumph of modern arcitecture, and the cafe at the top of the Grand Arc is a good place to get a good look at Paris from.

  3. Craig and Linda says:

    Some good advice guys, thanks.

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  5. Traveller says:

    Great guide! I would add, that cycling around the Paris on famous Velib is great fun, and allows to move around the city very quickly:)

  6. Again, the humble hostel, bead and breakfasts,and or home stays are fantastic options and are generally much more lower in price than the inner city hotel. Furthermore, you will often be treated to real local activities. This in our opinion are far more satisfying than to remain in a cold aloof environment.

  7. You forget to mention the beautiful Cimetière du Père Lachaise where Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Edith Paif were buried. It is a very peaceful place to wander about for an hour or two; lots of history as war veterans were also buried there. Admission is free, and expect to see tourists doing the usual celebrity rounds.

  8. Great podcast! Very helpful for prep for my trip to Paris soon. I especially enjoyed your personal reminiscences. And for someone who hasn’t studied French in school, it’s nice to hear some Paris place names spoken so I can get the pronunciation down before I embarrass myself with Parisians! 🙂

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