Sydney Opera House Vivid Sydney festival

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  1. Thanks for this! Just left for Australia on a month-long backpacking trip. Am in Melbourne and LOVING it, but was wondering where to head next – super useful, cheers!

  2. So many great cities (and towns) in Oz, each interesting in different ways – almost too difficult to choose one fave, or even a few. Haven’t been to Tasmania, but curious about it. Any interesting cities/towns there?

  3. Having spent the last year in Brisbane I have a fond memory of it, and your comment on the city recovering from the floods is a bit misguided; the city itself is very much open for business with all the major locations not really affected by the floods. Brisbane really is a great base for the many different sand islands that are off the coast, Stradbroke, Morten and Fraser (personal fav being Stradbroke) and both the sunshine and Gold coast. The transport links to the islands and the coasts are pretty good to be honest.

    1. Thanks for that Ben. We have family members who are still fixing/rebuilding/going through the claims process there … as we said, the city is open, but people are recovering. It’s good to highlight how open it is … Hopefully we weren’t too misleading!

  4. dont forget HOBART in tasmania

      1. david taylor says:

        hi all …hobart is a great city ,mount wellington 30 min drive ,port arthur 1 hour drive ,great shopping and resturants

  5. Fabolous podcast to keep my english updated. I was living in Adelaide for few months and loved to hire a bike for free and go to Henley beach trough the path near the river. Really nice! Thanks craig and linda

    1. Yes, that’s a great run down to Henley… and it’s so nice down on the beach.

      Good luck with your future studies 🙂

  6. Brisbane is just more humbled than Sydney I think. It’s this weird mix between Sydney and Melbourne really. The last few years it’s been a real focus to push for that Melbourne Vibe in areas like West end as well.

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