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  1. i love manhattan i worked there three months for work and travel program as a biycyle taxi

  2. Hey guys – thanks for the lovely mention in the show – it was SUPER meeting you too…finally! It was fun hearing how you spent your time in my old city – glad you had fun! 6 days is def. not enough!

  3. This is an excellent resource for visiting NYC. I saw you from across the room at TBEX, and I think we introduced ourselves, but can’t remember if we actually had a conversation. Maybe next year?

    My favorite way to explore New York City is by walking. It’s safe and easy to navigate. The subways are convenient for when I’m tired of walking. I stayed in the Chelsea area during TBEX and walked to most of the sessions. Yes, I agree that six days is not enough for seeing everything.

    1. Craig and Linda says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the kind words; we definitely enjoyed putting it together.

      Such a shame we didn’t meet! I think for every person we met, there were two others we didn’t. Hopefully another time!

  4. NY is definitly a city to visit once in a lifetime.
    Is that pretzel giant or what. At least for a Moroccan like me it is.

  5. I’m a New Yorker, and I’m glad you had such a great time here. Also happy to hear you liked Riverside Park, which is my favorite. Though superb for walking, it’s also an excellent place for running or biking; besides offering water and park views, it’s flat, straight and you’ll never get lost. If you plan to stay in a hotel on a future visit, please check out my web site Overnight New York. I’m a hotel nerd; to date we’ve reviewed 80 hotels — and counting.

  6. We love spending time in NYC as we go there often for trade shows and conferences. They say Las Vegas is the mecca of tourism but I disagree. NYC is truly the leading tourism destination in the US for for good reason

  7. Wow! you have shared some amazing pointers to explore new york city.

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