Classic car in Cuba

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  1. Also utilizing public transport will help us to know more about the culture of the place. As we can interact with many people and can come to know their thoughts.

  2. Hi Linda! Just found your blog and I’m really enjoying your posts! We’re living in China now, and often take “bus adventures” in our city where we just hop on a random bus and see where we end up. Usually we ride until it makes the full loop back to where we started. We’ve seen some interesting parts of our city that way, including getting stuck at a coal mine out in the boonies! Like you said, taking public transport is a great way to explore a place like the locals do and see things you might not have seen otherwise.

    1. Linda Martin says:

      Hi Jen, your bus adventures sound like fun — but I hope you weren’t stuck at the coal mine for too long! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. 🙂

  3. We subscribe to your podcast and heard this one today. We couldn’t agree more! We (husband and wife) are on a year long adventure traveling around Europe. Everywhere we go, we take public transportation and love it! In over 8 months, we’ve only rented a car twice. Taking buses/trains/trams/etc in an unfamiliar country was intimidating at first, but it’s so much better than driving. We love getting to see more of the city and meet new people. Plus, we don’t have to worry about parking, tolls, and the differences of driving in a new country (signs, laws, side of the road, etc.). Whether it was a Tube strike in London that shut the city down or taking a mini bus in Turkey, or a taxi in Cairo, we have so many fun stories of our adventures on public transportation!

  4. Thanks, great guide. Also trying to use local public transport when traveling

    1. Thanks Michel! Glad to hear you’re also using public transport — I think it adds something special to the journey. 🙂

      1. Exactly ! You get to see how people live in their everyday life, and sometimes meet some of them =)