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  1. Passport stamps as travel tattoos,I love it!

    And they’re definitely not the kind of tattoos you want to cover up as you get older. 🙂

  2. Yes! Be proud of your stamps!!! They are painless too!

  3. what a great essay. YES, these are the marks we carry – brilliant!

  4. Funny! We have been to 4 continents, 29 countries since we started our open ended world tour in the summer of 2006 and we have gotten very few passport stamps since we travel mostly by land. Now all the photos, videos and memories…those are priceless and over flowing. 😉

  5. I feel ripped off! As a British citizen travelling in the Schengen zone, I received next-to-no stamps. Linda, travelling on her Kiwi passport, has pages and pages of them.

  6. I’ve done overland travel also and always had my passport stamped! I traveled from Kenya to Tanzania overland and got a stamp as well as Thailand to Laos. Overland crossings are always the most memorable though!
    Soultaveler3 – I agree with you – in addition to the stamps, the pictures are priceless! I had over 11,000 that I actually edited and kept from my around the world travel!

  7. Craig and Linda says:

    I know they don’t check passports on the internal Schengen borders but I thought they would in Africa and South America. It’s not the case in your experience?

  8. Oh yes, China makes you pay dearly for the priviledge of seeing their country! Plus, you get a huge passport sticker/visa with a picture of the great wall on it! But seeing the Great Wall in person…priceless…

  9. Craig and Linda says:

    We’re just in the process of getting visas for China right now. Seems like the standard photos + passport + itinerary + return tickets. Oh, and piles of cash.

  10. Gavin Boyd says:

    I have watched Miami Ink a couple of times and it is quit good. I like Kat. Lovely lady with a wild attatude. I have a couple of tattoos myself but I would much rather trade them in for your passport:-).

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