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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. As you figured out, I spend A LOT of time (over?) engineering my flight selections. You did a good job of talking about the concept of “total cost” — factoring in the non-ticket costs that many people forget, including the cost/value of their own time. Not only does this vary by person, it varies by situation.

    If I’m doing a day trip for business, I put a high value on my time, and so am very willing to pay a premium for a direct flight with a good on-time record. If I’m going on a two-week holiday with no firm plans for the first couple of days, I’m much more willing to absorb a 4-hour delay with a pizza and a couple of large beers.

    1. Definitely that old problem of time vs. money, right? It’s amazing the levels of service that manage to co-exist in quite a tough market.

  2. Great post! An apt title since many people outweigh the cost of the flight than the overall experience they get. An airline I would suggest for traveling is Luxair Airline to book flight tickets.

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