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  1. Gday Linda and Craig,

    I have to agree with the positive thoughts on not only Vilnius but all of Lithuania.

    Few places in the world have really spoken to me and given me the tremendous sense of history that I got when I was travelling around Lithuania and the other baltic states of Estonia and Latvia.

    The Hill of Crosses, at Saiuliai, in particular is such a beautiful and moving place. Well worth a visit.

    Nick Bowditch – Australia’s Family Travel Expert

  2. This makes me so want to go there – especially to the quirky little river republic of Uzipis – makes it a real ‘must see’! Really comprehensive looking report – thanks.

  3. Jay Sames says:

    Just a word about VISAs for Belarus from Vilnius. In October of 2007, I arrived in Vilnius thinking that going to Belarus was nigh impossible. But an Aussie and a French Canadian set me straight. (BTW, I was traveling on a US passport.)

    You can get a VISA right at the rail station in Vilnius. Walk from the main hall into the left wing of the station (left as seen from the street.) About 3 or 4 windows in from there is a booth where VISAs can be arranged. I sprinted across the street to get photos made, went to a cash point, and came back to leave my passport, the photos and money (about 225 litas, if memory serves me). The next day I had my passport back with a VISA installed that became active in 3 days. The accompanying chit contained some dodgy bits of information, such as a hotel I had never heard of, what kind of room I had “reserved,” etc., but I sailed through the border with no problems (and then stay with a CouchSurfer.) My Dutch companion, who had gotten his VISA officially, direct from the Belarusian embassy in Amsterdam, had problems with his VISA that I did not have. We both got in, but mine was unquestioned.

    So give it a try! Someone at your hostel will have the latest information.

    Bon Chance!

  4. Lithuania is very close to our heart and is increasingly transforming whilst retaining the history in a perspective that is unique and interesting. Edgy is a great description of our neighbors.

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