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  1. Okay I’ve done all of the above!!! I’d add going for a nice multi day hike somewhere – Australia has some stunning national parks like Cradle Mountain NP in Tasmania, or the Bay of Fires walk, also in Tassie. You’ve also left out driving the Great Ocean Road!! And update to a round dozen perhaps? Top 12 things to do in Australia? >.<

    1. Oh yeah, a multi-day hike would be awesome! Great Ocean Road is #7 — it would have been terrible to leave that out!

  2. in Sydney you can visit one of the oldest Opal Shop from Australia.

    located at Level 3, 295-301, Pitt Street, New South Wales, Sydney 2000

    1. Opals are an important part of Australia too! We saw some beautiful ones in Coober Pedy.

  3. Looks like such a fascinating place, one I would LOVE to visit someday! Useful tips for first time visitors, will be sure to pin this for future travels

    1. Thanks John! Australia is definitely a great place to visit. 🙂

  4. I find myself unable to leave your blog! I can’t stop reading it! I must say you have a very unique voice in writing, which I personally appreciate. Thanks again Linda Martin!

  5. Australia has been on my list of my best places to visit, but it’s hard to decide on where to start with and schedule where to go and how many days to stay. These are nice tips although it could be also nice to know what to eat as well.

    1. Hi Celine! We talk about where to start and finish in our more recent podcast about Australia: https://indietravelpodcast.local/australia/get-around/. Yes, creating a schedule can be hard — it’s an enormous country and there is a lot to see!

      We did mention eating kangaroo; apart from that Australia is very multi-cultural so you’ll be able to eat all sorts of things. Savoury pies and lamingtons are worth trying, and barbecues are pretty common in summer.

    1. Definitely! Travel insurance is essential, and if you’re going to be diving it’s important to check the inclusions of your policy. Specialist diving insurance could be an option, like you say, Kim, but if you’ve already got a policy for the rest of your trip that covers diving, then it would be superfluous.

  6. Cool guide! thank u, really interesting to read.! But it’s too short, as I think.. Cool places are described, but so briefly.
    Just wandering, could u please tell at least roughly how much is for the Ayers Rock trip? That’s the thing I wanna do the first after arriving to Australia on my vacation) And I’m really interested in The Great Ocean Road. Do u have info about prices for visiting it? I’ve heard that there are plenty of tours an so on, just thought u know some more budget trips, have friendship with some people, useful communications)
    And one more – accommodation.. What do u know about casino hotels in Australia?
    Gaming is my passion, so I decided to try casino and hotel combo. That’s why I’m asking about cheap tours to Ayers Rock and Ocean road). I tried to find the one here https://www.yeego.com/australia/ayersrock/hotel7481.html (the closest one to Ayers Rock), here are some reviews about the top casino hotels https://www.katiewager.com/best-10-casino-hotels-australia. It turned out that’s not so easy to pick one up, 

    So, help me please, Linda, it’d be very kind of you)

    1. Hi Peter!

      Thanks for your comments. We do go into more detail in the podcast, so take a listen if you’re interested. 🙂

      1. Uluru: We did the Adelaide to Alice Springs trip with Adventure Tours Australia, and recommend it. It’s about AU$900. https://www.adventuretours.travel/en/australia/adelaide-alice-springs-overland-102144

      2. Great Ocean Road: The best way is to hire a car and drive yourself. We also did a day trip, some time ago, and I think we got half-price tickets by buying last minute (through http://www.halftixmelbourne.com/ I think)

      3. Sorry, I know absolutely nothing about casino hotels! Can’t help you there. 🙂

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