Kayak on beach NZ

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  1. Looking forward to listening to this podcast, it should bring back good memories of my times in NZ!

  2. Chris @ ATravelAroundTheWorld says:

    I am in love with New Zealand, this is the best place I been so far in my life and the people there are just the friendliest in the world.
    I will come back there very soon.Your article just remind me how lucky I am to have the opportunity to see, experience and explore; thanks for sharing.

  3. Don’t forget the slip, slap and slop! Five minutes in the afternoon sun and my nose looked like a grilled shrimp…! I strongly recommend a kayak or hike in Golden Bay – amazing!

    great advise, short and sweet, like it!

    1. Craig and Linda says:

      Definitely! We talked about that on the show, but didn’t add it to the show notes. Thanks for bringing it up.

      Are you guys in NZ at the moment?

  4. Another great ferry ride is a day trip to TiriTiri Matangi Island from either Auckland or the Hibiscus Coast. I think that it’s enough nicer than the (very nice) Rangitoto Island excursion that it’s worth the extra cost and time.

    Another great episode, I’m now more eager to return to NZ. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Roger — I’ve never done that trip but it sounds like a winner. 🙂

  5. The walks, Oh the walks!

    The Milford is no doubt really beautiful. I also did a few more on my trip like:
    1. Abel Tasman
    2. Franz Josef Glacier
    3. Canterbury – Mount Cook National Park (this. This was my favorite. When I think of New Zealand, this is the first memory that pops up in my head)
    4. Stewart Island

    Have you done any of these? I’d highly recommend them!

    1. They all sound like great suggestions! We’ve done the Queen Charlotte track, but not the Abel Tasman. We chose Fox glacier over Franz Joseph, and have camped at the foot of Mt Cook. Stewart Island is high on the list of want-to-do’s!

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