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  1. excellent tips for traveling in japan – i’ve lived there, and can heartily recommend getting off the main streets and exploring. thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice overview.

    I think Tokyo is one of those cities that’s really best explored with some one who really knows it well. Or, better yet, by living there as an expat.

  3. Congrats on the recent LP victory!

    I just wanted to comment on your Tokyo post/podcast. Overall, I liked it a lot. I reckon it’ll prove very useful to travelers. However, there were a couple of issues I want to share.

    As for the language, it’s no problem whatsoever. Sure enough, few people actually speak very good English. But many still do (or I was just lucky finding them) – and the others usually help with gestures, as said in the interview. Apart from that, the lady was right in terms of English signs. I’m not a hardcore traveler like you and Linda, but I’ve seen one or two places, too. So far, Tokyo stands out as the city which has by far the largest coverage of English signs. I’d say, it’s much easier to get around in Tokyo than in Milan.

    In terms of day trips, I was surprised to hear about Hakone. Haven’t gone there myself yet. But I’ll keep it in mind. But I thought the lady would certainly mention Kamakura. That’s what I’d call a must-see. It’s just outside Tokyo at the seaside and has lots of shrines, temples and the famous Buddha statue (it’s huge!). One of the highlights when being in Tokyo (also according to Yoko and others) cause there one can see real Japan – if that still exists 😉

    well, just my two cents on that.

    Keep up the good work!!

  4. Craig and Linda says:

    Thanks everyone for your great additions. It’s so hard to cover a city in 20 minutes! Obviously stuff gets left out and the comments here are a great place to add more in.

  5. As an expat living just outside Tokyo I will agree with Craig & Linda that it’s almost impossible to cover the city in 20 minutes let alone every possible day trip. From the food to the famous sights and not so famous ones there is something interesting to see around almost every corner.

    But the toursits are a whole different story! Check out this list of things that tourists do when they come to Japan and don’t be one of them: Top 10 Things NOT To Do When You Visit Japan.

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