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  1. This Must be the Place by Talking Heads. Came on the iPod as my wife and I traveled back to London together after getting married and now I always play it when on a flight with her.

    And yeah, it’s a great song.

  2. I’m very sad to say that I read through almost half that list with blank stares. I’ve never heard about some of these! But then again, I’m weird like that

    I’ll have to try find some of those songs, but here are my additions to the list:

    Home, by Michael Bubble. Never fails to touch a nerve. Reminds you of home sweet home and all the goodness that comes with it.

    How Far We’ve Come, by Matchbox Twenty. A weird selection perhaps, but I find that uplifting tune very apt for an adventurous road trip. And the chorus! And I, believe, the world is coming to and end, so… lets hit the road!

    Life is Beautiful by Jason Mraz. La la la la la …

    And finally, a favorite of me and Michelle – Santa Monica, by Savage Garden. I hope we’ll have a chance to visit Santa Monica and find that place every bit as beautiful as the song.

  3. I’ll never forget listening to Crowded House’s Fall at your feet flying back into New Zealand in 2002. Beautiful work. I’d also have to add Tangled up in blue by Bob Dylan for its nomadic wanderings.

    The song that most reminds me of home? Either anything on Eight’s EP (which no-one’s ever heard) or Verona by Elemeno P — I’ve spent so many afternoons in that K road bar!

  4. ‘Low’ by Silverchair and ‘Into the Dark’ by Ben Lee for me, whenever I feel homesick for Sydney!

  5. That’s a great list. I find I listen to music traveling to a country but not usually while I’m there. I like listening to the local chatter, the hustle and bustle, and absorbing as much as I can.

    1. Good stuff too. If it wasn’t for youtube we wouldn’t have any idea about that lot either 🙂

  6. A great song to listen in the desert – Bullroarer by Midnight Oil.

    ‘In the Desert in the dry, before the breaking of the rain
    The temperature in the shade had reached 110 again…’

  7. I can’t listen to Gogol Bordello without getting itchy feet to travel so that’s usually my vagabond sountrack.

  8. Four songs by Green Day and not a one by Zappa. You need to,

    Unbind your mind,
    There is no time,
    To lick the stamps,
    And paste them in,
    Discorporate and then,
    you can begin.

    Try Watermelon in Easter Hay

  9. A song by Jack Johnson or two or more or his entire discography even is perfect for those long train/ bus/ plane/ boat rides!

  10. I was travelling through Borneo earlier this year and Kings of Leon ‘Pony Up’ came on my iPod. It’s now one of my travel songs : )

    Thanks for this list.

  11. Two of my favourite travelling songs are:
    1. Have Love Will Travel by The Black Keys
    2. See the world by The Kooks
    I love the energy they inspire! Happy Travels!

  12. Dear Stephanie,

    Thanks for your list of some golden classic hits to choose from I have some five or six songs from your list and rest is new for me. Traveling with a pre-selected music list is a tactful thing to do and most choosy times. As there are songs for every occasion and every time span it hard to tell which makes you feel good and when but its better keep your music list with where ever you go who knows when it may come handy for good moments. Its great to share our music interest and I like your themed articles as songs and soundtrack for a memorable journey.

    1. Hi NJ, thanks for your comment. I agree, music is important! I heard about a guy who loaded his iPod with songs he’d never heard before, and each time he was in a new place, he listened to a new song. Such a great idea for fixing the place and the song in his mind!

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  14. Yep – Travel is good, but travel with a fully loaded soundtrack is GREAT!

    I’ve got one to add – ‘The sunscreen song – Baz Luhrmann.’

    I throw this one on when I’m traveling solo and feeling worried, out of my comfort zone, anxious about work, or all of the above!


  15. Just come across this list while preparing my playlist for an upcoming trip to Turkey. Great choices, which i’ll be adding to my Playlist.

    I’d add the following –
    RHCP – The Zephyr Song
    Talking heads – Road to Nowhere
    Sigur Rós – Starálfur
    Silverchair – The Greatest View
    Lights – Drive My Soul
    & Lighthouse Family – Lifted

    Happy Travels.


  16. Cool list. I’m a lover of long, long road trips and always on the lookout for tunes to add to my list. Incidentally, started listening in to your podcasts after I read this post. Awesome!

  17. Thanks a lot. I was searching for such a gorgeous music list for a long time. I think it is very important to have a good mood while traveling. Some good inspiring songs is the best way to be always in a positive state of mind. Special thanks for including U2, because their songs are truly amazing.

  18. This is awesome!

    This has almost every one of my favorite songs from the Eagles through to Oasis and some that I have even forgotten about! I going to try this playlist on my trip to Thailand in November, cant wait to plug in my earphones on the plane. I come back and let you know how it went.