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  1. Have fun! As a seasoned European, can I recommend rideshares as well? It’s a great way to get around the French- and German-speaking countries. Essentially it’s like the hitchhiking version of couchsurfing, except you pay a little. Still much much cheaper than trains!

    1. Hi Stephanie – I totally agree. We’re really getting into rideshares at the moment, we’ve done one or two in Spain and just had a great experience with one here in Mexico.

  2. Interesting. I have never done before but it’s would be a good start. I have only done one month hiking in Italy few years ago.

  3. In my experience train is the best way to travel through most of Europe when you want to see as much as possible. Germany might be super boring to go through with train, because of all the walls along the tracks. But countries as Slovakia, Hungary Austria and Slovenia are really beautiful from the train window. 🙂

    1. I completely agree! Train travel is awesome in Europe. Not all of Germany is blocked by walls, but you’re right, you do lose a lot of the views. Austria and Switzerland are really beautiful though.

  4. Maybe Serbia would be good choice too. We are very affordable, and beautiful. See out history, nature, food and drinks, meet people. Check our web site to see what to visit and where, part of south and east Serbia offer.

    1. Serbia is a great choice! We’re looking forward to heading back there some day.

  5. This is a great post. I’ve been to so many places in Europe but it funny how you can always learn new things!!

    1. It’s a pretty big place, and so dense with cultures! I feel like I could spend ten lifetimes in Europe and still keep learning more.

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