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  1. I have to mention, I was just in Praha in late October, there are free tours that leave from the Astronomical clock every morning @ 10:30. I stayed at Ms. Sophies my first time around 4 years ago, and it’s stunning and affordable – and my old roommate and hr boyfriend and said it was like staying in a nice hotel and great for couples. This time around, I stayed with friends. Another great attraction is a jazz boat, that has a different type of jazz band every night and goes down the river, with drink included and you can eat dinner there, too.

  2. Really good, in depth article from Craig and Linda which I am sure will be a great help to anyone visiting Prague. I have not had the chance to go yet but it is definitely on my list. I have a few friends who have visited for various reasons and they commented that there really is something for everyone.

    With so many museums, great restaurants, cheap beer and easy transportation it is one of the best places in Europe to discover. I really need to get there as soon as possible.

  3. A little piece of advice from Prague-lover;) If you’re in Prague in the summer, you’re hungry and don’t want to waste your time on eating, order breaded pork chop in a roll, served with fried onions and mayo. They are served in little, red “Coca-Cola” kiosks, which are scattered all over the city centre. Huge, cheap and very, very tasty 🙂

    Thank you for great article.