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  1. I really love that idea of becoming a collector! I never really thought of it that way, but what a great way to spend an accidental extra day in a place. I missed a flight in Prague and had an extra day in the city…wish I had thought of this! 🙂

  2. Great post! There have definitely been times when we didn’t have the money to go anywhere. Becoming tourists in our own city has been a great alternative and given us some fun memories as well as cool pictures. Sometimes traveling abroad can be really stressful even though you’ll have good times as well. Being a tourist in your own city gives you the fun without the stress either logistically or financially.

  3. darngooddigs says:

    We live in NYC, so it’s pretty easy for us to become tourists in our own backyard. We’ve lived here for 15 years, but there are still a million things we haven’t done or seen. We’ve been to the Met and MoMA many times, but just recently we went to the Museum of American Finance for the first time. We’ve been to Chinatown dozens of times, but we went to Chinatown in Brooklyn for the first time not too long ago. When you can’t get on an airplane, it’s still fun to take a day trip to explore somewhere new.

  4. Thursday Bram says:

    I’m just outside of DC and the number of museums is immense. When you add in the number of special exhibits coming and going, it becomes entirely overwhelming. One way I’ve made sure that I see at least a few of the exhibits that I otherwise wouldn’t is that I’ve offered to be an exhibit buddy to several of my friends: if they want to go to something new, but don’t want to go by themselves, I’ve agreed to go with — no matter what the exhibit is. I see some cool stuff this way and most of it I would never see any other way.

  5. i have to agree with this. i was born and raised in manila but i can still see that i haven;’t explored much of the country’s capital and its role in Philippine history.

  6. Thanks for this awesome writeup guys! Good reminder for just how easy it really is to travel and enjoy the wonderful world around us! Say hey to Matt for me.

  7. Pub Crawl! Awesome, I am all about incorporating beer into getting to know your city better. I think Geocaching is an incredibly cool concept, thanks for bringing it up.

  8. Great Advice guys. I was drawn to this podcast as I’m about ready to loose my mind in the US…I feel completely stuck. Love the tips – especially the one abt themes! Thanks for getting me interested in being here again!

  9. This site is awesome. I continually find something new & different listed here. Appreciate that information.